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Avengers as Animals ((x Reader)) Loki
A/N: Other characters linked in description
You flip to the last page of the novel you were reading, the pirate king running away with the princess on horseback into the sunset. You close the book and hug it to your chest, letting out a dreamy sigh. You put it onto the stack of books you borrowed from Loki. Turning to pick up the next you realize there weren’t any left. Shrugging your shoulders you stand up from the comfy couch and stretch. Picking up the stack with a huff, not thinking about how heavy it was. You penguin walk all the way to the elevator of the tower carrying the stack.
“Jarvis *huff* open the *huff* elevator.” You say with ragged breaths, your weren’t exactly the strongest person in the tower, and there were at least 27 books in this pile. Using only the vision you can peek around the tower of books you see the elevator doors open. You duck so the book tower doesn’t hit the entrance of the elevator.
“Allow me Miss [L.Name],” y
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Dreams ((Loki x Reader))
A/N: Loki is and reader are childhood friends and reader ‘low-key’ has it bad for him. (ba dum tsh) Loki is overly affectionate friend because why not. Universe without avengers all of that jazz, no mentions of Loki being throne hungry, I got the idea for this fic when I was *cough* definitely not drunk*cough* so please don’t judge if its weird, loki will probably be ooc, I’ve never written for him or anyone in his fandom
You let out a sigh mixed with bliss and happiness as Loki trails kisses along your neck, coming down from the high he brought you to. He raises his head and looks at you with a small smile on his face.
“You are a vision, my love.” He says before giving you a slight peck on the lips. You parts your lips to reply to him, but he puts a finger to them.
“However, I believe you would rather hear that from the real me, don’t you think?” He says. You knit your eyebrows in confusion before everything disappears and you jolt
:iconjessica0115:jessica0115 26 5
Love and Life 2 [[Sollux X Reader]]
Awakening briefly, you glance at your alarm clock. 6:42. You roll over about to drift back to sleep. Your sleepy brain processes that is a tuesday. You do have school today. And it is about two hours since you should have woken up. You roll over. You hear voices come from the living room. Weird your mom should have woken up. You get up groggily and stretch. You open your door and the voices are clearer. You reach the entrance to the hallway. You see-
You jump awake. Tears falling down your face. That dream. Again. It never gets further than that. You don't want it to. You didn't want to relive it all. Again. You are staring at the ceiling. You might as well get ready. You get out of your bed. You look at chesa. She looks at you sadly. You pet the top of her head. You rummage around in your still unpacked suitcase. You get dressed in jeans an ugly ch
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Don't get mad ((Karkat x Reader))
((please read the first part if you haven't yet so you can understand wtf is going on, or don't, as you are an individual who makes their own decisions.))
((p.s. probably not alot of yelly karkat just gentle voiced karkat. he also might be slight ooc. ALSO i know i'm forgetting to type something here. UPDATED:i REMEMBERED. so the title is Dont get mad, but i didnt want to make any anger because of reader-chans baby. the title is just based on his anger issues))
You glanced around the bathroom, grey towels hung from the rack, Karkat's intials embroidered on them in bright candy red. A gift from kanaya. Next to them were (f/c) towels with (2nd f/c) embroidering of your intials. The wallpaper was black and several melted candles adorned the edges of the master bathroom, from when Karkat got done watching one of his rom-coms. Blushing faintley you stand up and walk out after rinsing your face. You walk over to the huge bed and glomp it. Crawling under the
:iconjessica0115:jessica0115 34 6
Love and Life 1 [[Sollux X Reader]]
((Inspiration hath struckith me.))
The taxi pulled to a stop outside the iron wrought gate. You gave the driver the cab fare and he barely gave you time to get your bags before he sped off. Not that you minded, he was totally farting the entire ride here. Your mom's truck pulls up next to you. Why didn't you just ride with her you ask? Well, you needed her to bring her buff boy-toy to help you carry your heavy stuff into your room and her truck only has two seats and a middle area, and no way were you going to sit between them for six hours. They step out of the truck and all three of you approach the gate. You push it open and it makes a sickening creak noise. As you walk down the snow covered pathway, your boots make a crunching noise. You gaze up at the canopy of trees, little spots of light coming through the mass of branches, leaves, and moss. Your mom taps you on the shoulder and your head snaps foward. Your mouth stretches into a gr
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Drawing (1) by jessica0115 Drawing (1) :iconjessica0115:jessica0115 2 0 Photoshop Drawing by jessica0115 Photoshop Drawing :iconjessica0115:jessica0115 0 0 Gerbera Daisies by jessica0115 Gerbera Daisies :iconjessica0115:jessica0115 0 0
((this is gamzee's route to the impossible series. please read intro. or not. i cant control you.))
Logically this didn't make sense. And because I am me, it has to be logical. It has to have reasons. Because I am an analytic person. So how is it possible for a human to conceive from a troll? It wasn't. Period. But... it had to be possible because this was actually happening. I'm preggie with Gamzee's... baby... grub? What the hell. Will this thing have horns like his?! Because I am NOT pushing THOSE out of m-
Never mind.
Looking up I look at the pie tin nailed to the wall. I always did question Gamzee's decorating choices, but I wasn't going to say anything. Because I love him. As crazy as it seems for an uptight person like me to love a crazy troll like him, I do. With all my heart. I throw the pregnancy test into the wastebasket and walk out into the bedroom/living room of Gamzee's apartment. Well, ever since.... stuff.... it is sort of our apartment. At least he says it is. Gamzee
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WALRUS by jessica0115 WALRUS :iconjessica0115:jessica0115 3 0
The Worst Feeling
The saltiness runs down my face
A few kids have noticed
Others ignore it
Others are oblivious
Friends tell me to get over it already
To suck it up
To stop dwelling on it
Because it happened and I can't do anything about it
I don't blame them
For saying those things
Even though their words
Only add to the pain
I keep bottled up
And locked inside
Because when I show it
I am shunned
But I don't blame them
They are young
Like me
They don't know
So how can they understand
They can't.
But I don't blame them
For what they say
Their insensitivity
Their choice to ignore my cries for help
Because I want to remove the mask I wear day after day
With the painted smile
And the "I'm really okay"
It's fake
A lie
I hate it
I'm truely broken inside
I don't blame them
And I don't blame you
If you take their side
See me the way they see me too
Look at my mask
Believe it's real
I won't blame you
It hurts to feel
I don't blame them
For not understanding
They've never expierienced
Losing a
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Forever ((TavrosxReader Route))
:iconjessica0115:jessica0115 24 11
Impossible ((???xReader))
This night, full of love, and fiery passion. Was ignited by a single glance. This night. The picture of true love.
Two to three weeks later....
I tell myself there is no way. It's impossible. But somewhere deep down, I feel....different. Glancing down, I brace myself.
What I see nearly stops my heart. My hand loosens and the object falls to the floor of the bathroom, along with my stomach. Sinking to my knees slowly, I see a glimpse of myself  in the mirror. I look terrified, yet happy. I feel the salty tears well up in my eyes. Clutching my arms around my legs I think. The tears falling. I suppose I should feel overjoyed. But there is a sense of unease in my brain. I think and I think. My throat feels dry. I rise back up and fill a small dixie cup with water from the faucet. While drinking it I think some more. Setting the small paper cup down, I look into the mirror. Turning to my side, I examine my abdomen. Placing a hand over the small area under my stomach. And the white on t
:iconjessica0115:jessica0115 26 55
Kittens of The Season by jessica0115 Kittens of The Season :iconjessica0115:jessica0115 1 0
Mature content
I only love you. ((EridanxReader)) :iconjessica0115:jessica0115 47 27
Mature content
Chair Hitting and Sparks Missing ((KarkatxReader)) :iconjessica0115:jessica0115 57 49




Think I'm gonna upload a fic for Tony Stank
Help. I can't stop thinking about Tom Hiddleston. It's actually kinda scaring me.
What sucks about writing fanfiction is getting a cute idea and being unsure of what character or even what fandom you want to be in it. :iconcryforeverplz:
I think the thing I dislike most about writing is the constant flow of ideas coming in your head and then getting immediately getting shut down because you don't think they are good enough.
I don't really know what to feel right now. I went to an internet café for fun with my dad, and hit a jackpot. $1250. That is literally the most money that has ever been in my possession. BUT, I called my best friend/ sister to tell her the good news, and she breaks my heart saying she is moving across the country soon. FML. I mean, she is gonna be 18 stuff but still, you don't have to move across the friggin country to escape your crazy parents. So I need to go jam, read a book, take a hot shower, and cry, like a lot.


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I'm not exactly sure what to put here, uhm, I guess I'm a pretty shy girl with few friends. I love to be in the library, I play video games(a lot of video games), I'm single, I'm in a lot of fandoms, I've been to a few cons, I'm a huge anime fan, I read a lot of books, manga, and fanfiction. I am a major music junkie, so much it annoys some people, and elates others. I'm currently in college, trying to become a dermatologist, but if that doesn't work out I will become a graphic designer. I write as a hobby, but not frequently, so updates on my fics will be awhile. My favorite cliché in fics, movies, and anime is when the girl runs off by herself because of feelings and stuff and her love interest chases her or searches for her a lot. So that will probably be a theme in most of my writing. That's all I can think of for now, so I'm gonna go make dinner. Bye <3

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