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Avengers as Animals ((x Reader)) Thor
           You walk past the horde of adoring fans, a few turn their attention to you and gasp in recognition. The horde turns their attention to you, reaching out, calling your name, begging for autographs. You stop walking and greet Larry, the security guard standing outside. He smiles and pats you on the shoulder, unlocking the doors for you. You thank him and walk through the giant glass doors of the avengers tower. Walking through the reception area you make your way to the elevator, stepping inside, you press your thumb on the scanner located next to the floor buttons. It beeps and a panel with more buttons slide open, allowing you access to the upper residential floors. You pause and wonder if you should greet everyone else first, but shrug and decide you’ll do it later. You push the button that will deliver you straight to your goal. Your goal being to meet up with you best buddy (who you are head over heels for) and spend the day with him.
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Avengers as Animals ((x Reader)) Loki
A/N: Other characters linked in description
You flip to the last page of the novel you were reading, the pirate king running away with the princess on horseback into the sunset. You close the book and hug it to your chest, letting out a dreamy sigh. You put it onto the stack of books you borrowed from Loki. Turning to pick up the next you realize there weren’t any left. Shrugging your shoulders you stand up from the comfy couch and stretch. Picking up the stack with a huff, not thinking about how heavy it was. You penguin walk all the way to the elevator of the tower carrying the stack.
“Jarvis *huff* open the *huff* elevator.” You say with ragged breaths, your weren’t exactly the strongest person in the tower, and there were at least 27 books in this pile. Using only the vision you can peek around the tower of books you see the elevator doors open. You duck so the book tower doesn’t hit the entrance of the elevator.
“Allow me Miss [L.Name],” y
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Dreams ((Loki x Reader))
A/N: Loki is and reader are childhood friends and reader ‘low-key’ has it bad for him. (ba dum tsh) Loki is overly affectionate friend because why not. Universe without avengers all of that jazz, no mentions of Loki being throne hungry, I got the idea for this fic when I was *cough* definitely not drunk*cough* so please don’t judge if its weird, loki will probably be ooc, I’ve never written for him or anyone in his fandom
You let out a sigh mixed with bliss and happiness as Loki trails kisses along your neck, coming down from the high he brought you to. He raises his head and looks at you with a small smile on his face.
“You are a vision, my love.” He says before giving you a slight peck on the lips. You parts your lips to reply to him, but he puts a finger to them.
“However, I believe you would rather hear that from the real me, don’t you think?” He says. You knit your eyebrows in confusion before everything disappears and you jolt
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Love and Life 2 [[Sollux X Reader]]
Awakening briefly, you glance at your alarm clock. 6:42. You roll over about to drift back to sleep. Your sleepy brain processes that is a tuesday. You do have school today. And it is about two hours since you should have woken up. You roll over. You hear voices come from the living room. Weird your mom should have woken up. You get up groggily and stretch. You open your door and the voices are clearer. You reach the entrance to the hallway. You see-
You jump awake. Tears falling down your face. That dream. Again. It never gets further than that. You don't want it to. You didn't want to relive it all. Again. You are staring at the ceiling. You might as well get ready. You get out of your bed. You look at chesa. She looks at you sadly. You pet the top of her head. You rummage around in your still unpacked suitcase. You get dressed in jeans an ugly ch
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Don't get mad ((Karkat x Reader))
((please read the first part if you haven't yet so you can understand wtf is going on, or don't, as you are an individual who makes their own decisions.))
((p.s. probably not alot of yelly karkat just gentle voiced karkat. he also might be slight ooc. ALSO i know i'm forgetting to type something here. UPDATED:i REMEMBERED. so the title is Dont get mad, but i didnt want to make any anger because of reader-chans baby. the title is just based on his anger issues))
You glanced around the bathroom, grey towels hung from the rack, Karkat's intials embroidered on them in bright candy red. A gift from kanaya. Next to them were (f/c) towels with (2nd f/c) embroidering of your intials. The wallpaper was black and several melted candles adorned the edges of the master bathroom, from when Karkat got done watching one of his rom-coms. Blushing faintley you stand up and walk out after rinsing your face. You walk over to the huge bed and glomp it. Crawling under the
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Love and Life 1 [[Sollux X Reader]]
((Inspiration hath struckith me.))
The taxi pulled to a stop outside the iron wrought gate. You gave the driver the cab fare and he barely gave you time to get your bags before he sped off. Not that you minded, he was totally farting the entire ride here. Your mom's truck pulls up next to you. Why didn't you just ride with her you ask? Well, you needed her to bring her buff boy-toy to help you carry your heavy stuff into your room and her truck only has two seats and a middle area, and no way were you going to sit between them for six hours. They step out of the truck and all three of you approach the gate. You push it open and it makes a sickening creak noise. As you walk down the snow covered pathway, your boots make a crunching noise. You gaze up at the canopy of trees, little spots of light coming through the mass of branches, leaves, and moss. Your mom taps you on the shoulder and your head snaps foward. Your mouth stretches into a gr
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((this is gamzee's route to the impossible series. please read intro. or not. i cant control you.))
Logically this didn't make sense. And because I am me, it has to be logical. It has to have reasons. Because I am an analytic person. So how is it possible for a human to conceive from a troll? It wasn't. Period. But... it had to be possible because this was actually happening. I'm preggie with Gamzee's... baby... grub? What the hell. Will this thing have horns like his?! Because I am NOT pushing THOSE out of m-
Never mind.
Looking up I look at the pie tin nailed to the wall. I always did question Gamzee's decorating choices, but I wasn't going to say anything. Because I love him. As crazy as it seems for an uptight person like me to love a crazy troll like him, I do. With all my heart. I throw the pregnancy test into the wastebasket and walk out into the bedroom/living room of Gamzee's apartment. Well, ever since.... stuff.... it is sort of our apartment. At least he says it is. Gamzee
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WALRUS by jessica0115 WALRUS :iconjessica0115:jessica0115 3 0
The Worst Feeling
The saltiness runs down my face
A few kids have noticed
Others ignore it
Others are oblivious
Friends tell me to get over it already
To suck it up
To stop dwelling on it
Because it happened and I can't do anything about it
I don't blame them
For saying those things
Even though their words
Only add to the pain
I keep bottled up
And locked inside
Because when I show it
I am shunned
But I don't blame them
They are young
Like me
They don't know
So how can they understand
They can't.
But I don't blame them
For what they say
Their insensitivity
Their choice to ignore my cries for help
Because I want to remove the mask I wear day after day
With the painted smile
And the "I'm really okay"
It's fake
A lie
I hate it
I'm truely broken inside
I don't blame them
And I don't blame you
If you take their side
See me the way they see me too
Look at my mask
Believe it's real
I won't blame you
It hurts to feel
I don't blame them
For not understanding
They've never expierienced
Losing a
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Forever ((TavrosxReader Route))
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Impossible ((???xReader))
This night, full of love, and fiery passion. Was ignited by a single glance. This night. The picture of true love.
Two to three weeks later....
I tell myself there is no way. It's impossible. But somewhere deep down, I feel....different. Glancing down, I brace myself.
What I see nearly stops my heart. My hand loosens and the object falls to the floor of the bathroom, along with my stomach. Sinking to my knees slowly, I see a glimpse of myself  in the mirror. I look terrified, yet happy. I feel the salty tears well up in my eyes. Clutching my arms around my legs I think. The tears falling. I suppose I should feel overjoyed. But there is a sense of unease in my brain. I think and I think. My throat feels dry. I rise back up and fill a small dixie cup with water from the faucet. While drinking it I think some more. Setting the small paper cup down, I look into the mirror. Turning to my side, I examine my abdomen. Placing a hand over the small area under my stomach. And the white on t
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Kittens of The Season by jessica0115 Kittens of The Season :iconjessica0115:jessica0115 1 0
Mature content
I only love you. ((EridanxReader)) :iconjessica0115:jessica0115 47 27




I want to make songfics with country songs, they are so romantic and mushy they would be perfect. But, not everyone likes country music so I'm curious if peeps would even read them? There is this one I would probably do first, "Stay" by Florida Georgia Line.
"But if I told you I loved you would it make you wanna stay"
I hate to say this, I really do. But my next fic will be postponed until tomorrow night. I'm just not feeling the creative flow today, and I wouldn't feel good posting a story I know I could have given 110% if I had just taken a mental relaxation night.
I have 10+ fics I know I want to write soon, some of which have multiple parts, and multiple job interviews this week and next on top of cooking, cleaning, applying for more jobs, working on my web comic, and about a billion more things. ;v; what is sleep?
What would you guys think of an Avengers story based around a polygamous relationship? Like all of the Avengers in a relationship including the reader? Just throwing an idea out there.
           You walk past the horde of adoring fans, a few turn their attention to you and gasp in recognition. The horde turns their attention to you, reaching out, calling your name, begging for autographs. You stop walking and greet Larry, the security guard standing outside. He smiles and pats you on the shoulder, unlocking the doors for you. You thank him and walk through the giant glass doors of the avengers tower. Walking through the reception area you make your way to the elevator, stepping inside, you press your thumb on the scanner located next to the floor buttons. It beeps and a panel with more buttons slide open, allowing you access to the upper residential floors. You pause and wonder if you should greet everyone else first, but shrug and decide you’ll do it later. You push the button that will deliver you straight to your goal. Your goal being to meet up with you best buddy (who you are head over heels for) and spend the day with him.
           You only see him two-three times a week since you were one of the avengers who decided to live outside the tower when the option arose. If you had it your way, he would live with you, and you would spend every day together, cuddling and watching cheap horror movies, walking around downtown, drinking each other under the table, and then when you were under the table there would be an intense makeo- Your daydream was cut short by the elevator doors opening with a ding. You sigh with a bitter smile. For any of that to happen you would have to confess your feelings first. Stepping out of the elevator you see the floor light up with life.
           “Good Morning Miss [Lastname]. Welcome Back.” Jarvis greeted you.
           “Thanks Jarvis.” You say at no direction in particular. You turn and walk down the hallway towards the bedroom area. You reach the bedroom and take a deep breath facing the door. You slam the door open.
           “THOR!!! GUESS WHO’S BEST BUDDY DECIDED TO SHOW UP EARLY?!” You ask/announce in hopes of startling him. You stand there at the door waiting for some form of response. A few moments pass by and your expression drops. You notice the room is dark.
           “Jarvis the lights please.” You say closing the door behind you. The room’s lights flick on, revealing Thor’s outer bedroom. Empty coffee mugs and carryout containers lay here and there on the kitchenette counter. Along with discarded clothing and assorted cases from DVD’s, video games, and CD’s near the small sofa and TV. You sigh. Walking over to the sliding door the leads to the inner bedroom, you call out for Thor again. Still no response. You slide open the door and the lights flick on again. Looking towards the small bathroom you see the door is open and the light is off. You slide your gaze over to the bed against the wall, and notice Thor isn’t in here either. However, you don’t fail to notice the large ball of hair sitting on his bed.
           “A dog?” You ask raising an eyebrow. You were just here two days ago and Thor didn’t have a dog. The aforementioned canine raises its head at the voice and its eyes widen. It springs off the bed barking at you while wagging its tail. The dog collides with you and it feels like you’ve just been hit by a freight train. It stands above you wagging its tail barking. Then it stops and stares at you expectantly.
           “Uhhh, hey there big guy.” You reply, reaching up petting the dog on the side of its face. It flinches but relaxes and leans in to your touch enjoying it.
           “Well aren’t you a cutie.” You say chuckling. The dog widens its eyes and whimpers at you.
           “Do you know where Thor is?” You casually ask the dog. Gently nudging it. It cocks it head to the side looking at you curiously, and then moves off you. It barks once.
           “I’ll take that as a no.” You chuckle again. You stand up and look around.
           “Well… Maybe he stepped out for breakfast?” You glance at the dog again, and it cocks it head again. “I am early after all, so it’s not like he would be expecting me now.” You say bittersweetly. You had really hoped by arriving early you could spend more time with him. The dog picks up on your dampened mood and barks at you. You stand there for a moment more before walking over to Thor’s bed. You tug at the blankets and start to make the bed. Turning to give the dog a smirk.
           “I can always just clean up after him while I’m waiting, right?” You let out a laugh, “He hates it when I do that.” The dog suddenly jumps on top of the bed and barks at you seemingly kind of ticked off. You flick it on the forehead softly.
           “Oh hush,” The dog whimpers and jumps off the bed and sits next to you with its ears back. As you make the bed you occasionally glance at the waiting dog. It looks like a golden retriever, figures. You always told Thor that he should get one of those since they reminded you so much of him. You finish making the bed and put your hands on your hips triumphantly.
           “Alright then, what next?” You say looking around the room. You decide on the living area. Walking out of the room, you kneel and pick up some of the cases and stack them neatly on the nearby shelves. Then you mosey over to the kitchenette and turn on the small sink and wash the mugs. You open the trash chute and toss the empty containers. Closing it you quickly wash your hands and then wipe down the small counter. You feel a bad aura and turn to see the dog sulking in the doorway. You make a tch noise and rinse your hand in water again before flicking it towards the dog. It jumps in surprise before yelping at you, seemingly cheered up.
           “You got a name?” You ask before walking back towards the small couch again. “Knowing Thor it’s probably something like ‘Beer’.” You chuckle but the dog suddenly looks irritated. You shrug it off. What a moody creature You think. You kneel and pick up some of the discarded clothes and past the dog (who is still half-glaring at you) and into the bedroom. Plopping the clothes into the already almost full laundry hamper, your fingers linger and curl around one of the T-shirts. Picking it up you stare at it. You slowly bring it closer to your face and sniff it. You see the dog jump, as if surprised. You let out a sigh and clutch the shirt to your chest. It smells like rain and coffee. Just like Thor. Suddenly you flinch, realizing you probably look creepy as hell. You turn towards the dog glaring at it.
           “You saw nothing.” You say menacingly while putting the shirt into the hamper. The dog suddenly looks down to break your glare and jumps again in surprise. It stands and stares at its paws, picking one up and putting it back down it jumps again. You chuckle.
           “What? Never seen your paws before?” You say walking over to it. It looks up as if remembering you were there. It barks at you and dashes to the bathroom. You tilt your head and follow it. Once you enter the lights in the bathroom flick on with life and you see the dog pacing in front of the counter. It suddenly jumps and puts its front paws on the counter and stares into the mirror.
           “Hey! Bad dog! No paws on the counter!” You say. The dog stares a bit longer before whipping its head to you and barking repeatedly. You stare at it with a raised eyebrow. It turns back to the mirror and whimpers.
           “Did you not know you were a dog or something?” You laugh. “You’re a weird one.” The dog slowly gets off the counter and wobbles over to you before clumsily falling in front of your feet. You crouch next to it.
           “You look like you’re having a crisis,” You smile at the dog. It glances at you from the corner of its eyes. You think for a moment. Taking out your phone you call Thor. It rings and you hear music coming from Thor’s bedroom. You walk out and look to the source of the music. Thor’s phone sitting on the dresser. You walk over and pick it up. On the screen is your smiling face. The music playing was a cute lovey song.
           “Did Thor change his ringtone? This is so mushy.” You ask, not realizing that perhaps you have your very own ringtone. You set the phone back down.
           “Well, looks like he isn’t coming back soon considering he’s 45 minutes late and it’s not like I can call him.” You turn and walk into the living area. Rummaging around you find a pen and paper. The dog stares at you from the doorway as you write something. You grin and show the paper to the dog.
           “What do you think?” You ask rhetorically.
           It read:Thor,
           I’m kidnapping your dog as payback for being late.
           Call me when you finally get home, and maybe I’ll let you come hang out with us.

           The dog wags it tails and barks. You grin and set the note on the counter. Walking over to the front door you open it and turn gesturing for the dog to follow you. It happily follows you. You laugh and go to the elevator. Riding it down to the first floor. You walk out into the lobby, you look up and see Tony walking in.
           “Hey Tony!” You greet him. He sees you and smiles, walking over to you.  You see camera flashes go off from the outside. You can see the headlines now: Iron Man and [Your Hero Name] Caught Lingering, Secret Avenger’s Relationship?!
           “Hey [Y/N]. Thor not with you?” He asks smirking like he knows something you don’t, you shake your head sadly.
           “No, he didn’t show up. Have you seen him?”
           “Not since yesterday. By the way, what’s with the dog?” He asks eyebrow raised above his designer sunglasses a small grin on his face.
           “Ah, he’s Thor’s. I found him in his room.”
           “Huh, well when you see Thor tell him I have a no pet policy in the tower.”
           “Tony, you have a dog.” You say smirking.
           “That’s different, I’m landlord.”
           “Bruce and Loki have pets too.”
           “I’m not going to say no to either of those guys.” He says shuddering somewhat.
           “Uh-huh. But you would gladly pick a fight with The God of Thunder?” You see him flinch.
           “I, uh, you know what? Fine. I’ll allow it, but only because Thor is a friend.” He says.
           “You’re a good landlord Tony.” You say with a smirk, patting his shoulder.
           “Bite me. Now stop that, you’ll wrinkle it. This suit cost more than my car.” He says brushing off your hand. You chuckle.
           “Have a good day Tony.” You say walking past him.
           “You too [Y/N], and tell Thor I said hello when you see him.” You missed the silent chuckle from Tony.

           After a couple hours, you sit on a bench. You had decided on taking the dog to a park and bought a tennis ball off a street vendor. However, either the dog didn’t know how to play fetch or refused to do so. The dog hopped up on the bench beside you and lay its head in your lap. You sigh, checking your phone again. Still no messages from Thor, not one phone call. You huff and decide maybe you should just go wait for him at his place, after all he could have come back already. Maybe he’s just upset because you dognapped his furry friend. You stand up and start walking back to the tower.
~another timeskip~
           You walk back into the lobby after getting let in. You walk up to the elevators and right as you are about the press the button the doors slide open. You glance up and Loki steps off the elevator, not noticing you as he is reading a book while walking.
           “Loki~” You say and hug him from behind, he flinches in surprise, “How is my favorite ball of anger today?” He sighs and detaches your arms from him, before turning around to greet you.
           “Hello [Y/N], lively as ever I see.” He says. More cameras go off. Great. New headline: Avengers Love Triangle?! Who will win? Iron Man or The God of Mischief? While you are internally cringing, Loki glances past you and sees the dog. He snickers and crouches in front of the dog.
           “Oh, look at you,” He says patting the dog on the head, who seems confused.
           “I thought you didn’t like dogs Loki?” He chuckles at your question.
           “Hm… Well I suppose you could say I’ve known this oaf for a long time,” He says smirking, while the dog suddenly looks ticked, “and I must say, I believe you look better this way.” He says to the dog, trying to hold back more laughter. The dog growls lowly at him. You tilt your head as Loki stands up.
           “How’d he look before?” You ask confused. Loki looks between you and the dog with a face of pity and mild amusement.
           “Well… How should I put this…? He had less hair.” He replied grinning at the dog who was still glaring at him.
           “Oh no, did he have a skin problem?” You ask. Loki just stares at you before face palming.  He waves off your question before turning to walk to the front doors, reopening his book and putting his hand out to wave goodbye to you.
           “Au revoir” He says before walking away. You stand there and stare as his back for a few seconds before glancing at the dog who was still glaring at Loki.
           “Well that was weird. I suppose I can just ask Thor later.” You say turning to press the elevator button.
           You ride the elevator up to Thor’s floor and open the door. The lights turn back on and you see everything is the same as when you left it. Even the note was still sitting in the same place. There was no visible sign that Thor had come back. You grow a tad bit worried.
           “Where could he be? It’s not like him to forget a day when I’m coming over.” It hasn’t happened. You shrug off your worriedness when the dog whimpers at you.
           “He’ll be fine. He strong enough to take care of himself. I’m sure he’ll turn up sooner or later.” You say trying to reassure yourself. The dog nudges you hand and you huff.
           “Well no use standing here like an idiot.” You and the dog walk in and you shut the door. You take off your jacket and throw it on the back of the couch. “Shall we watch a movie while we wait for him?” The dog barked happily and jumped onto the couch. You selected a movie, put it in the player, and sat next to the dog and it laid its head in your lap.
~yet another timeskip~
           You ended up watching three movies waiting for Thor, about half way the last one you fell asleep. You wake up to the credits playing and grumble. You pull out your phone and see that it’s 10 at night. You sigh raking a hand through your hair.
           “Where is he?” You ask, feeling the worry you brushed away earlier bubbling back up stronger than ever. The dog looks at you sadly.
           “Maybe he had to go Asgard for something? An emergency maybe? I think Loki would have told me earlier though, also I don’t think he would have left without calling me first.” You rack your brain over and over coming up with different scenarios. You shake of the thoughts as they get worse and worse. You stomach grumbles.
           “Are you hungry?” You ask the dog. He barks. You stand and stretch, walking over to the kitchen you take the note from earlier and crumple it up. Tossing it down the trash chute. You rummage through Thor’s assorted snacks, as you don’t really want to go down to the main kitchen. You find some pop tarts and tear open the package. Taking one and popping it in your mouth you look around for the dog food. You open various cabinets and a closet or two and come up with nothing. Finishing off the pop tart you scratch your head.
           “Where’s your food?” You look towards the dog, “I don’t even see a food bowl for you.” The dog whimpers and you think for a moment.
           “Ah screw it. Who said junk food is bad for dogs anyway?” You say taking out the other pop tart and holding it to the dog, who happily devours it. You watch the dog for a few seconds before yawning. Sleep called to you. The dog tilted his head and then yawned.
           “Well, should I do? I can’t just leave… What if he did go off to Asgard? No one showed up today to look after you, unless he got Loki to do it, who saw you were with me and decided to just take care of you tomorrow or something…” You stopped mumbling to yourself when the dog pawed at your shoe in annoyance.
           “Maybe, just staying over tonight won’t hurt, I mean, it won’t be the first time I’ve crashed at Thor’s place without permission.” You smile when the dogs tail wags. Thor wouldn’t mind, he never does You grin as a memory comes to mind. You decided to spend the night at Thor’s place after a movie marathon. It was late and he insisted. Not wanting you to walk home at this time of night. You think he could have walked you home, but maybe he just wanted an excuse to watch another movie (Or for you to stay the night). He made you sleep on the bed while he took the couch. You are pulled from your memory by a bark. You look down at the dog who wags it tail.
           “Ah, sorry, I started daydreaming.” You say, reaching down to rub the dog’s ears. “Well let’s get to bed then.” The dog barked happily and then walked over to the sofa and jumped on it.
           “No silly. Bed. This way.” You say as you slide open the bedroom door. The dog widens its eyes and turns around on the couch. “C’mon, I’m not going to just leave you out here.” The dog peeks and you before sighing and jumping off the couch. Walking past you, it jumps onto the bed and lays at the furthest end.
           “Gee, what a gentleman.” You say rolling your eyes at the dog. “I’m going to take a quick shower.” You say walking into the bathroom and close the door behind you.
           After you rinse the day off, you step out of the shower and towel off. Opening the bathroom cupboard, you take out the spare pj’s you hid last time you were here. Pulling them on you step out and the light flicks off. Taking your hair and toweling some more, you drop it into the laundry basket. Before flopping onto the cushy mattress. The dog jumps, surprised. You roll over and pet the dog on the back.
           “Where do you think he is?” You ask aloud, more to yourself than the dog. It hurt somewhat that Thor might have left for Asgard without telling you. You sigh, your worries and what ifs all coming at once.
           “You know what’s really sad?” The dog tilts its head. You laugh.
           “I love him,” The dog widens its eyes as if surprised, “and the reason it’s sad is because… I can never work up the nerve to confess to him. Right when I want to, I’m reminded that however close we may seem, he is still so very far from me. There’s this gap between us, and I want to build a bridge to bring us closer, but I just can’t do anything. I mean, he’s a god for crying out loud. What am I? A human who can [Insert power/talent/skill]. He’s better off with another Asgardian. Not that he would return my feelings anyways.” You say smiling bittersweetly. The dog looks at you sadly and whimpers laying next to you.
           “Despite all that though,” You continue and the dog perks its ears, “I don’t think I’ll ever stop loving him.” You say again. The dog wags its tail and pushes its snout under your hand. You chuckle and pet its head.
           “You know, I’m surprised he didn’t tell me he got a dog, the man messages me to announce that he's made a cup of coffee.” You laugh and the dog looks at you. It reaches forward and sniffs your cheek. You turn and give it a light peck on the snout. The dog jumps back and you chuckle.
           “Well that’s enough talk for one night, let’s go to sleep okay?” You say, and the lights dim by themselves. The dog lays curled up next to you and find yourself drifting off to sleep. You don’t feel the bed suddenly get heavier.

           You slowly crack your eyes open, and shut them again. Not wanting to wake up yet. You scoot closer to the chest in front of you and snuggle it. The arms holding you squeeze you gently and you feel a chin resting on top of your head.
           You jump back suddenly.
           “What the? Who?” You freeze at the bright blue eyes staring back at you amused.
           “Awake now?” He props up on an elbow leaning over you slightly.
           “T-thor? Why…” You trail off still in shock. He chuckles and leans down to place a soft kiss on your forehead. Your face lights up and you become a stuttering mess.
           “Good morning to you too my love.” He says with a smile that makes you have impure thoughts. Your face comparable to that of a tomato.
           “I-uh-how-why” He chuckles again and leans down to press a kiss to your lips. Your mind goes blank as you register what is happening. You close your eyes and drape an arm over his shoulder. He pulls back after a moment and stares into your eyes before smiling.
           “Does this build the bridge that you spoke of last night?” He asks before laying another kiss on your jaw. Your eyes widen.
           “Wait how do y-“
           “I appreciate you keeping me company yesterday.” He says with a breath against your neck. Your eyes widen in realization.
           “Wait do you mean that you were?” You ask trying to figure out how that is possible. He chuckles.
           “Perhaps,” he says breaking a kiss from your neck, “we could discuss that later?” He says before pressing another kiss to your lips. You want to ask more questions… but Thor is kissing you, and you’re finding it especially hard to concentrate at the moment. You drape your arms around his shoulders as kiss him back.

~In another room in the tower~
           The scene mentioned before is being displayed on a small security camera. Two figures sit watching the screen. They high five.
           “I told you reindeer games, with my brains and your magic whatever, it would happen.” A man sits back in his chair smacking the other on the shoulder. He watches the screen through his designer sunglasses. The other flinches.
           “This was my idea Stark.” He breaks his fixed stare from the screen. “Perhaps it would best to stop viewing for now.” He flicks the screen off with his magic.
           “Aww come on it was just getting to the good part.” The other sulked.
           “I’m sure there will be more displays of affection in the future, Thor seems to be especially good at that.” The long haired one says shuddering.
           “Come I’ll take you for Midgardian ‘Ice Cream’” He says standing. The other stands up, revealing a shirt that reads: Thor x [Y/N], I will go down with this ship. The long haired one wears a matching one.
           “I’m a grown man you know,” The sunglass clad one says.
           “I don’t hear you refusing.” The other smirks.
           “Shut up.”

           You sit on the sofa while Thor makes coffee for you both.
           “I am curious about something [Y/N],” Thor says to you. You look at him and he grins.
           “Do you always smell my clothing when I’m not looking?” He laughs and ducks as you throw his game controller at his head blushing.
Avengers as Animals ((x Reader)) Thor
Here is Thor. I really liked writing this even though I don't read many fics about Thor. I will say, I looked up quite a few pictures of Chris Hemsworth for *ahem* research material. I hope I got Thor's personality right even though it doesn't show up until the very end. I've never written for him before. Feel free to leave comments and please tell me if you see any errors. I tried to check for them as I was writing but it's eleven at night and my cold medicine (I'm sick) is making me sleepy.

Here are the others:
Tony: coming soon
Bruce: coming soon
Loki: My precious cinnamon roll
Steve: coming soon

I don't own Thor or any of the others places or characters mentioned in this fic.


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